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L o c a l made & Timeless style... We try to maintain creations which stands the test of time. Basic, clean and timeless, mature ready-to-wear stands in the core of our locally made clothes Venta was created in summer 2018 in the heart of the urban zone of Tel Aviv. We make quality menswear manufactured in store's atellier or local sewing studios. We aim for good and durable materials sourced from our local textile producers, importers or reused unique garments Come and visit our store in Tel Aviv if you're around. There you can find a variety of selected second-hand men's clothes and accessories, alongside our private brand.   For this site we've gathered for you only our chosen in-store and local mades of our private brand we hope you'll enjoy to explore us 

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Hey there, thanks for visiting VENTA. We are, at this very moment, renewing our site and refreshing products, as well as our mobile version. Some sections may seem empty but we are working on it. more goods to come very soon.


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